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Automatic motorbike wash system V6- Version 6

Automatic motorbike wash system V6- Version 6

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Automatic motorbike wash system V6 is the latest product, designed with many outstanding features, helping to improve the efficiency and quality of motorbike washing. And is the perfect choice for professional motorbike washes, saving time, effort and improving service quality.

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hệ thống rửa xe máy tự động với chổi quay đảo chiều tự động đáng sạch các vết bẩn trên thân xe

Automatic reversing brush

The product is equipped with an automatic reversing brush system, which helps to thoroughly clean the motorbike, including hard-to-reach places such as undercarriage, wheels, rims, spokes.

với 2 đầu béc phun nước áp lực cao dưới gầm xe sẽ xịt bay bùn đất bám dưới gầm xe máy

Automatic underbody spray

The system is integrated with 4 pressurized water nozzles, helping to blow away all the mud and dirt clinging to the bottom of the car.

hệ thống rửa xe máy tự động có bộ đếm số lượng xe được rửa chi tiết theo ngày giờ

Vehicle count counter

The car wash counter connects to smartphones via wifi internet, helping car wash owners to monitor the machine's operation remotely, as well as manage revenue effectively.

hệ thống rửa xe máy tự động dễ dàng vận chuyển thay đổi vị trí với hệ thống bánh xe và xe cẩu tự hành

High mobility

High mobility is one of the important factors, especially for service businesses. This feature makes it easy for businesses to move to different locations to serve customers, expand business markets, and respond to changing market needs.

Rửa xe máy tự động V6 được trang bị khung thép nhúng kẽm nóng

Hot-dip galvanized steel frame

V6 automatic motorcycle wash is built with a hot-dip galvanized steel frame, which effectively prevents rust during operation. The two sides of the machine are tempered polycarbonate glass, helping to observe the motorcycle wash process to bring satisfaction to customers.

Free automatic motorcycle wash when changing engine oil

Install an automatic motorcycle wash system in a musical note


Voltage used?

220 VAC, 50 Hz

Power ?

Total power: 3.5 kw

Power: 200 w/vehicle

Water volume: 45 liters/vehicle

Is there automatic drying?

Dry cleaning is done outside

Is there a car wash gun included?

Equipped with a short spray gun to wash hidden corners on motorbikes.

Size and weight?

Length: 3m

Width: 1.6m

Height: 2.2m

Weight: 850 kg