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Automatic motorcycle wash system – Technology solution

Automatic motorcycle wash system – the new technology solution helps to clean, repair and maintenance of motorbikes and vehicles in traffic – “Creative Vietnam”

Automatic Two Wheeler Washing Machine

With climatic conditions as well as roads in Vietnam, the demand for washing the vehicles, especially motorcycles was great.

Every time witnessed workers washed the vehicles strenuously, he cherished a hope of automation of traditional vehicle washing service, to help enhance performance, save time of waiting and cost for clients.

Automatic motorcycle wash system is suitable for using to wash the most common models that are available today.

The bottom line makes this technology solution that the author has used technology tornado during spraying and spray foam. Each side is arranged as sprinkler 1, as per the first sprinkler nozzles 4. When the sprinkler system is conducted four nozzles of each party will head spinning and running along the motorcycle itself. Because rotary sprinkler system at about 900 revolutions / minute, every point on the bodywork will be spraying hundreds of times, so the stains are washed away under.

Automatic motorcycle wash - Automatic Two Wheeler Washing Machine

Automatic motorcycle wash shop

The system is operated according to the same steps of the traditional motorbike wash today.

Step 1:

– Spray water pressure washing with foam to soften, clinging mud flying motorbike class; foam motorbike wash will stick and mud cleanses.

– 2 wheels of the motor will turn in the conveyor system by brush rested on tires, rims, spokes clean mud cling to hit on it.

Step 2:

– Spray water to clean the foam coated grip on the whole motorbike.

Step 3:

– Activate the pressure blower blown away.

With automatic motorbike wash system completely, the user only takes 3-5 minutes to complete the process of washing the motorbike, reducing the waiting time of customers, as well as increased customer count is served .

With the above advantages, the system’s automated motorbike wash he Duong Xuan Thien has been widely applied in many localities such as Ha Noi, Ha Nam, Thanh Hoa, Phu Tho, etc. The author hopes that the system automatic motorbike wash systems will contribute significantly in reducing the pain for people, and opened up a new direction in research and application of equipment to practical life.

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