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Free automatic motorbike wash at the barber shop

The free haircut and motorbike wash model is unique in the business. In the past, these two types often functioned separately. But with the new model, salons can combine both types in one space and provide many services to customers. This brings convenience to customers and also an opportunity to increase sales for stores.

Benefits of free motorbike wash at the barber shop

For customers

Combining a barber shop and an automatic motorbike wash will help customers save time and effort because both services are provided in the same location. Waiting times will be minimized and customers will not have to travel between two different locations.

As a result, this business model will bring many benefits and values ​​to customers.


For the store owner

Combining both a barbershop and a free motorbike wash business in a single space can help reduce land rental and equipment costs.

At the same time, this model also brings opportunities to increase revenue for store owners by providing more diverse services to customers. This convenience will attract new customers and increase the store's accessibility to services.

The mechanism of operation of the free motorbike wash at the barber shop

The business model of hair cutting combined with automatic motorbike washing works as follows:

  • Customers enter a single space and are served both at the barber and motorbike wash.
  • In the at the barber shop section, customers can choose different service packages and be served by skilled staff with the barber shop, hair styling services or, more attractive, hair dyeing and care service packages. hair, hair care.
  • In the motorbike wash section, customers' motorbikes will be washed for free by the automatic motorbike washing system within 3 minutes, helping to save time for customers and provide quick service.
  • After service, the customer will pay at the checkout counter and leave the store with a clean motorbike.

The free automatic motorbike washing hairdresser business model is a potential business idea. It offers store owners the opportunity to increase sales and give customers a novel and more convenient experience.

This is an effective solution in the field of business. Besides, the strength of this business model is diversifying services, helping to attract customers right from the beginning. However, the success of this model depends greatly on the store location and store management creating a convenient environment for customers.

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