Automatic motorbike wash system V5 – Version 5

Version 5 of V5 automatic motorbike washing system was launched with the goal of continuing the success from version 4 of BT Motor Spa. At the same time, this new version retains the advantages of the previous version and upgrades technological features including hurricane technology, automatic undercarriage spray to improve motorcycle wash performance and quality. The aim is to better meet customer needs.

Automatic motorcycle wash V5 - breakthrough in design and style

Version 5 of the automatic motorcycle washing system V5 - BT Motor Spa has achieved a breakthrough in design thinking. Designed with three transparent sides, users can observe the entire automatic motorcycle washing operation process clearly and in detail.

Automatic motorcycle wash V5 is designed with 3 transparent glasses

Automatic motorcycle wash V5 - upgrade automatic undercarriage spray

The undercarriage of a motorcycle is often the most difficult area to wash for car wash workers. However, version 5 has proved excellent when it comes to solving this problem by equipping 2 pressure nozzles that run all the way under the car and spray up, to effectively clean the undercarriage.

In addition, four tire brushes are designed to hug the front and rear wheels of the vehicle. When starting to work, the wheel will automatically rotate, helping the brush to thoroughly clean the tire surface.

The undercarriage spray system automatically moves along the bottom of the vehicle, blowing away the dirt clinging to the bottom. At the same time, the LED light system illuminates the entire washing space, creating favorable conditions for car washing and customer service at night.

    Version 5 upgraded automatic undercarriage spray


    Automatic motorcycle wash V5 - hurricane technology

    Version 5 of the system uses hurricane technology to clean motorcycle surfaces. Each side is equipped with 4 high-pressure water nozzles. When the system works, the nozzles will automatically rotate 360 ​​degrees and spray water with pressure, helping to remove stains on the body under the strong impact of spray pressure.

    After pressing the button to activate the automatic process, the system will spray high-pressure water according to hurricane technology to soften stains on the body. Next, snow foam will be sprayed over the entire vehicle to allow the foam to penetrate stains and crevices.

    The final step is to spray high-pressure water according to hurricane technology to clean the entire surface of the motorcycle. The cycle of the hurricane heads will move from the front of the vehicle to the rear of the vehicle and vice versa, ensuring the entire vehicle is washed.

    Finally, the system will activate a dry blower to blow away all the water on the motorcycle, bringing satisfaction to customers.

    Specifications version 5

    • The system has wheels, making it easy to move and change the installation position.
    • The entire system frame is made from hot-dip galvanized steel, ensuring rust-free and durable over time.
    • The system is also equipped with a water collector and waste pipe, similar to a washing machine.
    • The power consumption of the system is 6.5 kW.
    • The water consumption per motorcycle is 60 liters and the power consumption is 350 W.
    • The system uses 220VAC voltage.
    • The size of the system is 3m long, 1.6m wide, 2.2m high.


    LED lighting system illuminates the entire washing space

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