Video of installing Automatic motorbike washing system

How to install BT Motor Spa automatic motorbike wash? Is it easy and what do you need to prepare? installation area, electricity, water supply for the system? How long does it take.

The following videos will answer these questions in detail.

BT Motor Spa – Press the button and it's clean

About who is the inventor of the first automatic motorbike washing system in Vietnam. Design and manufacturing process. The locations have transfer installation. The right locations for deployment and convenience for customers. Manage a chain of automatic motorbike wash shops.

Why BT Motor Spa Automatic Motorcycle Wash System is easy to install in small premises

In this video introduce the size of the system. Mobility because the system has wheels, so it is easy to change the installation position.

And most importantly, how much space is needed to install an automatic motorcycle washing system. How is water and electricity supplied? How is the wastewater?

How are motorbikes washed by technology? Is under the motorbike clean and why is it clean? This video will fully explain those questions.


Install automatic motorbike wash in a note

This video introduces the process from transporting the system to the installation site. And just after the note, the system went into operation, washing the first motorbikes in the amazement of those around.


Install automatic motorbike wash in just 30 minutes

After placing an order, on the customer side, only an empty space with an area of ​​​​about 20m2 is enough for installation. In addition, water supply lines, electricity supply lines and waste water drainage are available.

We arrived and half an hour later the system was operational to the delight of those present.

It's quick and quick.


Installation, commissioning, transfer

The process of transportation, installation, and testing before operating the system.


Chain management Automatic motorcycle washing system via mobile phone

Data management of automatic motorbike washing system has become a lot easier. The number of motorbikes being washed is connected to the internet via wifi to the application on the phone.

On the application will display the data in real time. Graph the number of motorbikes being washed in real time. And the data will automatically be sent to the pre-specified email.

The metrics are completely transparent and can be checked in real time anytime, anywhere.