Car wash system hurricane technology – Automatic underbody spray

Hurricane technology car wash system - automatic underbody spray applies hurricane technology and automatic car underbody spray. With hurricane technology, the stains on the body are dislodged by high-pressure water jets and high-speed rotation . Automatic undercarriage spray will be activated automatically when the advancing car starts moving into the wash compartment.

Car wash system - Operation process

Automatic underbody spray system

When the car enters the wash compartment, the undercarriage spray system automatically activates the reverse spray into the undercarriage of the car. When the car has entered the wash compartment, the undercarriage spray system automatically turns off. The undercarriage has been sprayed.


When the car is in the wash compartment, the operator presses the button of the tornado technology sprinkler system that will spray pressure water on the entire body from the front to the end of the car to blow away the mud along with softening the stains. on the surface.

Automatic car wash system that sprays snow foam

After the pressure water spray is finished to soften the stains, the soap foam spray system automatically sprays from the rear of the car to the front of the car. At the same time, the operator will clean the dirt on the body of the vehicle. The end of spraying soap bubbles on the surface is also the time when the operator wipes all the stains on the body of the car.

Flush cleaning hurricane technology - wash the undercarriage for the last time

The operator after wiping the stains on the body will press the button, at this time the hurricane technology pressure water spray system will spray water on the surface to clean all soap bubbles on the surface.

After spraying water according to hurricane technology to clean soap bubbles on the surface of the system, the system will automatically shut off.


The operator will drive the car out of the wash compartment , at this time the undercarriage spray system automatically activates the underbody spray before exiting and will automatically disconnect when the car has come out of the wash compartment, completing the car wash.


Video of the detailed car wash process

Technical parameters of automatic car wash system

Width 4m
Length 7m
Height 3m
Voltage 380V/3 phase
Wattage 10 kw
Power consumption/vehicle 300 watts
Water consumption/vehicle 80 liters
Removable pressure gun Have