The first automatic motorbike washing system in Vietnam

Duong Xuan Thien, an alumnus of Automatic Measurement and Control at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, has successfully built this automatic motorcycle washing system. With passion, knowledge and accumulated experience, he made his dream come true after many years of dreaming. His goal is to automate the traditional motorbike washing service, thereby improving productivity and professionalism, saving waiting time and reducing costs for customers.

V2 automatic motorbike wash - version 2


There are no limits to ideas and not everyone dares to go and reach their destination


From idea...

The idea of ​​creating an automatic motorbike washing system has been on his mind since 2006. This stems from his domestic and international business trips, during which he was exposed to many machines. and automation lines. Among them, the motorbike wash system had a strong impact on his ideas.

However, in Vietnam, the automatic motorbike wash system is very few, and the motorbike washing system has not appeared at all. There are a number of key reasons for this, including poor infrastructure, dirty roads, difficulty in cleaning hidden corners, and high washing costs.

However, as Mr. Thien shared, it was the first source of motivation for him to think more carefully about the idea and be able to pre-evaluate possible difficulties in the process of realizing it in the future.

Due to his work requiring him to travel constantly, the idea of ​​​​designing an automatic motorbike washing system was put on hold until the end of 2008, when he decided to share this idea with his friends and wished get support as well as valuable advice.

…To realize the motorcycle wash system

Find allies

In the search for "allies" to realize the idea together, he thought that he would receive support from friends and relatives, but failed. The simple reason is that no one dares to invest money and effort into an idea that has never been implemented before.

However, despite facing loneliness on the way to realizing his idea, he was not discouraged. He began to systematize his ideas and deeply studied the operating principles and structures of automatic motorbike wash systems. From there, he analyzed and removed the parts that didn't fit the motorcycle, simplified the system, and drew up the first sketch, then the overall drawing.

Because he didn't have the mechanical skills and didn't have enough time, he needed a partner to launch production. However, this is very difficult, because few private manufacturing facilities can afford to switch from master drawings to detailed drawings for processing. He tried contacting at least 20 manufacturers but was rejected. Therefore, his project has been on hiatus since 2011.


Luck came to him in late 2011 when he was referred to a suitable manufacturer. After more than 6 months of implementation, exchanging mainly via email, in July 2012, the mechanical part of the system was basically completed. However, for the system to work, a programming process is required.

During more than 3 months, he programmed about 10 demos himself to conduct testing. At the same time, he recorded the actual parameters through testing on various motorbike models, including motorbikes that have been soiled for a long time and have not been washed. This process has been done many times to adjust and perfect the structure of the system as well as the software.

Talkshow with the father of Automatic motorcycle washing system Made in Vietnam

Complete product motorbike wash system

After nearly 6 years of efforts, at the end of 2012, he completed and put into operation the first automatic motorbike washing system named "Made in Vietnam". The size of the system is 3m x 2m x 2.2m, large enough to wash most conventional motorcycle models today.

Inventor Duong Xuan Thien