Automatic motorcycle wash V4- Version 4

Automatic motorbike wash V4 has applied hurricane technology to wash motorbikes and has brought amazing efficiency, increasing the quality of automatic car washing process. This is the first time this technology has been applied in automatic motorbike washing and improving the working efficiency of the system.

V4 automatic motorbike washing – Acquiring improvements and upgrades

We continuously improve and upgrade our products, and always absorb valuable comments from customers. This is the view we always adhere to. V4 automatic motorcycle wash was developed and upgraded based on those comments.

Version 4 of the BT Motor Spa automatic motorcycle washing system has made improvements to overcome the limitations of the previous version and applied new technologies to achieve the main goal: washing the car in a clean and optimal way. the best.

Transfer of operation of car wash system

Transfer of operation of car wash system

Automatic motorcycle wash V4 – hurricane technology upgrade

hurricane technology has been applied to the automatic motorcycle washing system with high efficiency in the automatic car washing process.

The working principle of hurricane technology is as follows:

Each side of the motorcycle is equipped with 04 sprinklers, a total of 8 sprinklers. When the system works, 04 nozzles of each side will automatically rotate at high speed under water pressure.

With this principle, the stains on the car surface will be affected with high frequency at the same time. The high pressure of the water will push the stains off the car's surface. In addition, 08 high-pressure sprinklers not only rotate at a fast speed, but also move along the body of the vehicle in a cycle of in and out 03 times.

Below is a video recording the actual operation of the motorbike washing process.

Automatic motorbike wash V4 – Version 4

Parameters of car wash system:

  • Has wheels that can easily change the installation position.
  • The system collects and discharges water like a washing machine pipe.
  • Total system power: 6.5 kw
  • Use voltage: 220VAC.
  • Energy consumption per motorcycle: 350 w
  • Water consumption per motorcycle: 60 liters
  • Dry blower system to blow all the water on the surface of the motorcycle after washing.
  • Dimensions: 3m long, 1.6m wide, 2.3m . high
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Automatic motorbike wash V6 - Version 6

Automatic motorbike wash V6 is the latest product, designed with many outstanding features, helping to improve the efficiency and quality of car washing. And is the perfect choice for professional motorbike washes, saving time, effort and improving service quality.

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