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HEAD HONDA system applies BT Motor Spa Automatic Motorcycle Wash System

The system of authorized stores HEAD HONDA has made an ambitious decision - to install the BT Motor Spa automatic motorcycle wash system. It is known that this automatic motorbike washing system has been very suitable for the space and strict requirements of HEAD HONDA.

Environmentally friendly motorbike wash system

One of the outstanding advantages of the BT Motor Spa automatic motorcycle washing system is that it is closed, water does not splash around during the motorbike wash process, but is also collected and discharged through a soft pipe. And the sludge discharged during the motorbike wash is collected in the collection chute. This has created a clean environment around the motorbike wash system, which is environmentally friendly.

install automatic motorcycle washing system at head honda authorized store


Labor saving

A notable trend of this automatic motorcycle washing system is convenience and saving effort. In the past, a dedicated motorbike wash team had to be present to perform motorbike washes for customers. However, with this automatic motorbike washing system, the repair and maintenance workers only need to put the finished motorbike into the system for cleaning before handing it back to the customer. This not only saves effort and time for the motorbike wash team, but also brings greater economic efficiency to the authorized shop.

install automatic motorcycle washing system at head honda authorized store

Enhance customer experience

Customer experience with this new service from HEAD HONDA has been greatly appreciated. Customers were completely satisfied with the automatic motorbike wash process that BT Motor Spa system brings. By installing an automatic motorcycle wash system, HEAD HONDA has demonstrated its commitment to continuously improve service quality and create the best customer experience.

Business Optimization

Not only meeting the needs of customers, this automatic motorbike washing system also brings great benefits to the authorized shop. Saving motorbike wash labor and motorbike wash time has helped HEAD HONDA optimizes business operations and reduces costs. It has also increased customer satisfaction and made a difference in the motorcycle industry.

With this breakthrough, HEAD HONDA has set a new standard in the field of motorbike wash services in its system. The BT Motor Spa system not only creates convenience and satisfaction for customers, but also demonstrates HEAD's commitment HONDA in improving service quality and creativity in serving customers.

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