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Inventor Duong Xuan Thien - BT Motor Spa motorbike washing

Duong Xuan Thien, a talented young inventor, won the title in the invention contest produced by VTV2. In this video, we will have the opportunity to learn about him, the difficulties he faced and the benefits of his invention - the first automatic motorbike washing system in Vietnam.

Inventor Duong Xuan Thien

Duong Xuan Thien is a technology and engineering enthusiast, he graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. During the process of taking motorbikes to be washed at service points, he realized the need and convenience of an automatic motorbike washing system.

Participating in the invention contest, Duong Xuan Thien faced many difficulties. With limited capital and not enough technical knowledge to build a complete system. However, his determination and creativity helped him overcome all difficulties.


Automatic car wash system

Thanks to his constant efforts, Duong Xuan Thien has succeeded in inventing an automatic motorcycle washing system. He has designed a smart and convenient system that allows users to simply place the motorcycle in place and press a button, the system will automatically clean the vehicle effectively.

One of the advantages of this system is convenience. Users do not need to waste time and effort to wash motorbikes by hand anymore. The automatic system works quickly, ensuring that the user's motorcycle is always clean and shiny.

In addition, this automatic motorcycle washing system also has the ability to save water. Duong Xuan Thien has integrated advanced technologies so that the system uses only the necessary amount of water but still ensures cleaning efficiency. This not only helps users save water but also contributes to environmental protection.

Duong Xuan Thien's creativity has been recognized and appreciated in the invention contest. He has won the title of inventor and his automatic motorbike washing system is being popularized and widely used in the market.

Invention inspiration

The invention contest produced by VTV2 is a great platform to encourage young talents like Duong Xuan Thien. His story is a testament to the excellence and creativity of Vietnamese people in the field of technical invention. Hopefully this competition will continue to encourage and create conditions for many other young inventors to develop their ideas and future directions. In the current technological era, the creation and application of technology in different fields is becoming an undeniable trend.

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