Công nghệ rửa xe tự động "made in Việt Nam" của cựu sinh viên ĐH Bách khoa Hà Nội, Dương Xuân Thiệng “Made in Việt Nam” của cựu sinh viên Đại học Bách Khoa

Automatic motorbike washing technology "Made in Vietnam" by Alumni of Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Automatic motorbike washing technology "made in Vietnam" by Alumni of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Duong Xuan Thien, has undergone nearly 10 years of research and has been improved into the 5th version. With this technology, The person washing the motorbike just needs to put the motorbike inside and then press the start button. After only 3 minutes, the motorbike was clean of dirt.

Who is the owner of this technology?

This technology was invented by Mr. Duong Xuan Thien, a former student of Polytechnic University. The initial idea came from him washing his motorbike manually and he realized that an automatic motorbike washing machine would save effort and time, while also making the motorbike cleaner. .

Version 1 of the automatic motorbike wash was developed in 2011. Then, version 2 was born to overcome the disadvantages of the first version. Currently, Mr. Thien is using the 5th version with many upgrades and innovations to make the motorbike washer more complete.

The 5th version's operating system has many outstanding advantages. Using spray nozzle systems, the machine will wash away dirt from the motorbike's underbody, sides and finally spray water to remove foam and dust from the motorbike. The whole process only takes 3 minutes, while washing by hand takes up to 15 to 20 minutes for each motorbike. Automatic motorbike wash machines are not only time-efficient but also effort-saving and economically worthwhile.

Production cost ?

Automatic motorbike washing machines currently cost about 200 million VND. Mr. Thien calculated that with capital recovery and profit within a year, this motorbike washing machine will bring economic efficiency to users. However, the effectiveness of a motorbike wash depends on many factors such as the location and number of customers washing motorbikes.

Environmentally friendly ?

This automatic motorbike washer also puts the environment and water saving first. The motorbike washing process is done so as not to dirty the surrounding area and all dirt will be filtered under the motorbike and discharged through the exhaust pipe.

Mr. Thien is continuing to perfect the automatic motorbike washing machine to improve its efficiency and utility.

Source: Dan Tri.

Update version 6

V6 automatic motorbike wash is the latest product, designed with many outstanding features, helping to improve the efficiency and quality of motorbike washing. And is the perfect choice for professional motorbike wash shops, helping to save time, effort and improve service quality.

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