Máy rửa xe thân thiện với môi trường

Environmentally friendly motorcycle wash

Mr Duong Xuan Thien said, to clean a motorcycle, if washing by hand will take more than 200 movements. His motorcycle wash also took the same number of movements, but they were done at the same time. And this automatic motorcycle washing system is completely eco-friendly.

200 movements performed at the same time?

When the system starts running, at the same time as the water spray, the brush also works. Water spray system with mist pressure will blow into all nooks and crannies, simultaneously impacting all dirty spots.

Environmentally friendly automatic motorcycle washing system

The motorcycle wash process consists of 5 stages:

  • Spraying water with high pressure to remove soil, soften the mud;
  • Spray foam for basic removal of dirt and mud;
  • Water spray for basic cleaning of foam and dirt;
  • Spray foam a second time to remove dirt and grease stains;
  • Final spray of water to remove all dirt.

Why are motorcycle washes environmentally friendly?

If with service Manual motorcycle wash , customers have to wait 15-20 minutes, not to mention waiting time for their turn. With this automatic system, the cleaning time of a vehicle is 3 minutes.

Machine with system waste water collection and mud similar to the washing machine exhaust, so it does not cause unsanitary street.

Another advantage of automatic motorcycle washes is to control electricity and water consumption at a stable figure. Maximum savings, while washing by hand is often more or less depending on the washing time.
Cleaning each motorcycle with a machine consumes 0.3kWh of electricity and 60 liters of water. The machine also makes store management more convenient thanks to a counter for the number of motorcycle washed.

Mr. Thien added that in the near future, automatic motorcycle wash machine His property will be upgraded with a water recovery and filter unit for reuse to save water and be more environmentally friendly.

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