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Inventors stand on the street offering free motorbike washes

Not studying mechanical engineering, I couldn't imagine what to do to create the first automatic motorbike washing machine in Vietnam . But when the idea appeared, Duong Xuan Thien still stubbornly stuck to it and invented and improved it. version after version. To date, 50 machines have been sold.

Exchange 600 million VND for "heap of junk"

3 minutes to finish washing the motorbike with an automatic motorbike wash machine

“Let me wash your motorbike” was the first exchange between engineer Duong Xuan Thien when I came to meet him in the blazing sun of midday on a summer day.

Speaking, his hands quickly guided the motorbike into a transparent cabin and pressed the button after a few operations. Before the story could even begin, Engineer Thien said: "Your motorbike is done."

With eyes wide open and mouth wide open, I was surprised to see that after just 3 minutes, my dirty motorbike was completely cleaned.

Pointing to the cabin, he introduced: "This is my newly completed automatic motorbike washing machine, version 5."


Then in the deep voice of Nghe An people, Engineer Thien said: "In the years 2005-2006, for our people, motorbikes were still a big asset, so every time they were a little dirty, they would be washed, leading to a situation of having to wait for a long time in the queue." motorbike wash.

I often have to wait from 30 minutes to 1 hour, many times water splashes in my face, so I think if I had a motorbike washing machine it would be "cool".

Exchange 600 million VND for "heap of junk"

That sudden idea pursued the engineer who graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology for 5 years. “In 2011, there were more and more motorbikes, and motorbike washes were overloaded. I think it's the right time to build a washing machine," Thien recalled.

“Listen to me presenting my ideas, everyone says “potato”

I myself also felt "foolish" because I studied measurement and automatic control, not mechanics, and didn't know what to do. There are no reference documents, the only channel is the Internet with foreign motorbike washing machines."

Yet the product gradually took shape. After being rejected by 20 manufacturers, at the end of 2011, he met a business that agreed to invest in realizing the idea in the mechanical part.

The first version was completed at the end of 2012, 2m wide, 3m long, 2.2m high, running but the features did not meet expectations.

"Summing up the whole journey, I realize that in addition to quite a bit of time, I also poured about 600 million VND into it" - Engineer Thien laughed loudly.

"If there is a large space, we can build a museum to watch, otherwise we will sell junk for nothing."

Wave your motorbike to offer a free wash

After completing version 1, no matter how many motorbikes his friends and brothers had, Mr. Thien called them to have them washed for free, but it was still not enough for the desire to test. He then made a "free motorbike washing" sign and placed it on the street, with an arrow pointing to the workshop.

Neighbors know, bring the motorbike. With passersby, I have to stand… wave” - KS Thien laughed. “From morning to evening, we can wave several dozen motorbikes every day. The customer was confused and didn't understand why they were invited to wash for free. Once they understood, they were very excited and said it would be great to be able to do this.

It takes about 2-3 months to wave the motorbike, which counts as a free motorbike wash more than a thousand times."

Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh - KS Thien's partner - shared: "When Mr. Thien presented the idea, I saw a lot of potential, but when it came to implementing it, it was really difficult. Many times discouraged, I told him to stop for a while and then continue. However, he never gave up."

Problem with 2 bullet points

Each upgrade is a change in technology.

To date, KS Thien's automatic motorbike washing machine has reached its fifth version, more compact, only 1.6m wide, with wheels for easy movement.

According to him, each upgrade is a change in technology.

For example, version 1 only has spray nozzles on both sides, the wheels do not rotate; Up to version 2, the brush was designed to clamp on both sides, the wheels could rotate, and the nozzles could spray on most parts of the vehicle.

In version 4-5, the faucets rotate in a vortex fashion, each dirty spot is rotated over and over again. Version 5 also has a spray nozzle at the bottom.

The customer's request is just two bullet points

With each version, the author is waiting for customer feedback. A customer statement made him ponder: “I just want the machine to be fully automatic and completely clean”.

KS Thien shared: “The customer's request is just two bullet points:

  • Fully automatic and
  • Rinse completely

    But I had to work hard for it. The purpose of the fifth edition is to meet those two bullet points.”

    The difficulty is that due to Vietnam's climate and environmental conditions, the motorbike has a lot of mud on it, so before putting it in the automatic washing machine, the technician has to spray it once. With this version, the cleanliness has reached more than 90%.

    As of version 5, Mr. Thien has sold more than 50 products to customers in many provinces and cities such as Nam Dinh, Hai Duong, Cao Bang, Hanoi...

    Mr. Do Manh Thang - a customer in Nam Dinh - said: "Since I used the automatic machine, there have been more customers coming to wash their motorbikes, and people are very excited about this technology. The price of washing a motorbike by machine is the same as washing by hand, 15,000 VND”.

    Engineer Thien hopes that in the next 10 years, his product will be widely popular throughout provinces and cities to free up labor and save waiting time for motorbike wash customers.


    Update version 6


    V6 automatic motorbike wash is the latest product, designed with many outstanding features, helping to improve the efficiency and quality of motorbike washing. And is the perfect choice for professional motorbike wash shops, helping to save time, effort and improve service quality.

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