MC đã quyết tâm đầu tư vào hệ thống rửa xe tự động và mở rộng nó thành một chuỗi

Chain of automatic motorbike washes, environmentally friendly | VTV3 – Good Morning coffee

Automatic motorbike wash system is now a term that is becoming a popular trend to refer to building a network of motorbike wash stations with reliable quality and synchronous operation. It is a convenient and time-saving solution for users, while helping to improve the motorbike washing process and increase work efficiency.

Set up an environmentally friendly motorbike wash chain

However, not only quality but also environmental friendliness is also an important factor when building an automatic motorbike wash system. Wastewater treatment from motorbike washing is an issue that needs attention. This requires the collection and treatment of wastewater before it is released into the environment. Attention to environmental protection not only benefits the community but also creates prestige and trust from customers.

Comfortable waiting room for customers

Besides, creating a comfortable and convenient waiting space for customers is also an important factor to enhance the service experience. A beautifully designed, airy waiting room equipped with amenities such as comfortable chairs, televisions, and free wifi will help customers have great waiting time while their motorbike is cleaned and maintained. nourishment.

The popularity of automatic motorbike washing systems has sparked the interest of many people, including media service manufacturers. In a television report, VTV3 transmitted to viewers about the BT Motor Spa automatic motorbike washing system, a product invented by Mr. Duong Xuan Thien. This report made a strong impression on TV MCs because of the convenience and flexibility of this system. In addition, the environmental friendliness and the ability to remotely monitor through the motorbike wash counter also made MC unable to hold back his surprise.

TV MC exclaimed with the idea of ​​a motorbike wash chain

With outstanding advantages and development potential, MC did not hesitate to propose the idea of ​​expanding the automatic motorbike wash system into a motorbike wash chain. The lightness, flexibility and environmental friendliness of the automatic motorbike washing system made MC believe that this was an opportunity to expand its business and create a reputable brand in the washing industry motorbike.

Manage motorbike wash chains remotely using the mobile app

Therefore, MC was determined to invest in an automatic motorbike wash system and expand it into a chain. The management and operation of this system also requires careful preparation and effective management. Automatic motorbike wash stations are located in convenient locations to serve customers quickly and conveniently. Each motorbike wash station is equipped with a counter for the number of motorbikes washed and connected to a smartphone application. Information about the number of motorbike washes will be updated in real time, from day, month, year to minute. And at the end of the day, this data will be automatically sent to the specified email address for storage and statistics. This helps to manage operational performance and analyze business metrics to make the right decisions.

Manage motorbike wash chains remotely using the mobile app

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