Cha đẻ hệ thống rửa xe máy tự động Made in Vietnam | VTC – Ai là Ai ?

The father of automatic motorcycle washing system Made in Vietnam | VTC – Who is Who?

Who is the father of the Made in Vietnam automatic motorbike washing system?

The above question is waiting to be answered in a talk show on VTC television station. The automatic motorbike washing system manufactured in Vietnam is truly a commendable and remarkable achievement. And in this talk show, we will have the opportunity to discover the person behind that success.

Pioneer of automatic motorbike washing system Made in Vietnam

Mr. Duong Xuan Thien is the first person in Vietnam to successfully design and manufacture an automatic motorbike washing system . His conversation with the charming MC of digital television station VTC revealed many special stories not only about the process of developing this system, but also about the difficulties and emotions he experienced. on this journey.

He shared that the idea of ​​an automatic motorbike washing system had been in his mind for a long time. Over the years, he has spent time researching, testing and building different models, hoping to bring an effective and convenient solution for washing motorbikes.

Talkshow with father about automatic motorbike washing system Made in Vietnam


However, the process of realizing an automatic motorbike washing system is not easy. He faced many difficulties and technical challenges, from learning new technologies to optimizing system performance. But despite those difficulties, he was never discouraged and always steadfastly pursued his dream.

The conversation also revealed stories about his daily life, about how he balances family life and research work. He shared how the support from his family and his passion for creativity shaped his career.

Watch the video to discover more about Mr. Duong Xuan Thien - the person who successfully created the BT Motor Spa automatic motorbike washing system, Made in Vietnam.

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