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Motorcycle brake oil is a consumable material.


Brake oil helps keep the brakes fed and prevents brake wear. And must be replaced periodically every 10,000 km or 2-3 years of use.

How does brake oil wear out?

The harm when not applying brake oil is that the brakes are rusted and corroded, squeezing all the brakes has no effect, leading to inability to control the vehicle, making it dangerous to drive.

Therefore, in the process of using motorcycles, it is necessary to periodically maintain and check items, especially checking for natural wear and tear parts.

When to replace?

According to the rating of manufacturer Honda. Normally, about 10,000km on the road, it should be replaced once. Or for less use (2 times / week) within 2 years should also be replaced. Because then, the oil has been modified, oxidized, and the quality is much worse.

🛑Note when replacing brake oil

  • Periodically change when reaching 10,000km or the motorbike has been used for 2-3 years according to the advice that needs maintenance.
  • Brake oil has a very strong paint remover, so do not leave it on the motorbike's tires. When on the body of the motorbike, it will cause paint burn, the paint surface will be patchy. Your motorbike will become less shiny.
  • Never add brake oil if you are not sure what type of oil is being used.
  • It is best to use the correct genuine oil for maximum performance.
  • In addition, it is also necessary to check list of 5 spare parts must be replaced periodically.
  • After the periodic maintenance, the maintenance points will automatic motorbike wash always free. Clean motorbike and professional service.
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