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Why is it necessary to clean the underside of a car?

Washing the car's underbody is an important step in the car care process. It helps remove dirt, sand, rocks and other contaminants that accumulate under the vehicle. If not cleaned, these contaminants can cause serious and dangerous problems for your car.

However, this is often not noticed during car care. Not washing the car's undercarriage can cause controversy on car forums. Some people think this is not important and is just a waste of time and effort. Meanwhile, others believe that washing the car's undercarriage is very important to ensure the car runs better.

What does washing the undercarriage of the car help solve?

In fact, washing the car's underbody is an indispensable step in maintaining your car. If not washed, dirt accumulated under the vehicle can cause damage to components, cause imbalance and reduce vehicle performance. Furthermore, this can also reduce the lifespan of vehicle parts, especially steel parts that need to be protected from oxidation and corrosion.

undercarriage of car without washing the undercarriage

Undercarriage of car when not washed

Some vehicles are designed to resist this condition. However, using a car washer, specialized detergents and higher technology to wash the car's underbody is still the best solution. This saves money in the future by keeping your car running longer without problems. So, if possible, use detergent and wash your car's underbody regularly to protect your car and ensure driving safety.

Car undercarriage gets rusty when not washed after a long time

The undercarriage has not been washed for a long time

Do you need to wash the undercarriage of your car regularly?

With the above information, you can see that washing the car's underbody is important. Therefore, every time you wash your car, you should choose a car wash that can wash the underbody of the car to remove mud and dirt stuck on it.

But then the question arises: how to wash the undercarriage of the car?

Currently, car wash shops have many methods to wash the undercarriage of cars to serve customers. However, there are two main methods: building a cement bridge and installing a car wash lift.

However, these two methods also encounter some problems. The following video will help you better understand the problems that occur during car underbody washing with these two methods.

Accident when washing the car's underbody with a 1-pillar lift

So how to wash the undercarriage safely?

Washing the car's underbody with cyclone underbody spray technology is the safest solution. To do this, simply park the car on level ground and use a cyclone underbody cleaner to wash the car's underbody. This system uses two nozzle heads that automatically rotate 360 ​​degrees under high water pressure. It sprays pressurized water onto the vehicle's underbody to clean mud and dirt from the surface.

Cyclone undercarriage spray washes car undercarriage

Or you can also use a 3-jet underbody sprayer to wash the underbody of the car. With three high-pressure water nozzles, you can spray away mud and dirt under the car without the need for any lifting equipment.

3-jet underbody spray to wash car underbody

To wash the undercarriage of a car at home, you can use a 2-jet underbody sprayer with a family pump, and can be used to spray moss on the yard.

Spray the underbody with 2 jets to wash the underbody of the car

Thus, washing the undercarriage is an important part of maintaining your car. Removing mud, grease and other dirt under the car helps reduce rust, undercarriage and increase the life of the car, while ensuring safety when used. Therefore, you should wash the undercarriage of your car regularly and have a maintenance plan to use the car for a long time.

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