5 bộ phận xe máy cần phải thay thế định kỳ

5 motorcycle parts that need periodic replacement

Motorcycles are the most popular personal vehicle in Vietnam. It is a means to serve and sometimes it will fall apart when we need it the most. Therefore, there are 5 parts of motorbikes that need to be checked periodically to ensure the motorbike is always operating well at all times.

1. Change oil (motor oil): every 1,500 - 2,000 km/time

Lubricant Motorcycles have 4 tasks:

  • Helps slow down rust and metal corrosion
  • Lubricants help reduce friction
  • Helps remove impurities
  • Lubricating oil is responsible for cooling the engine

    2. Gear oil (gearbox oil) on scooters: You should change the engine oil once every 3 times. About 5000km.

    Gear oil (gearbox oil) is the type of oil inside the gearbox that lubricates the rear wheel drive gear system of the scooter, helping the vehicle operate smoothly and significantly reducing wear due to friction. between the details inside the gearbox when the vehicle is operating.

    3. Air filter: Every year or after about (10,000 - 16,000 km) the air filter needs to be replaced once

    The main function of the motorbike air filter is to filter clean air to feed it into the carburetor (fuel tank) or electronic fuel injector if it is an FI vehicle, then the air will mix with the gasoline into a mixture to enter. engine combustion chamber, combustion and generating power.

    4. Spark plug: 8,000 - 10,000 km/time

    Motorcycle spark plugs are a very familiar and important part on motorbikes. This part's main task is to generate an electric spark between the two electrodes to ignite the gasoline-air mixture inside the combustion chamber, thereby deciding whether or not the vehicle can start and operate stably.

    5. Brake fluid & brake pads: 15,000 - 20,000 km/time

    According to reviews by manufacturer Honda. Normally, every 10,000km on the road, the entire unit should be replaced at once. Or if you use it less often (2 times/week) within 2 years, you should also replace it. Because by then, the oil has been changed , oxidized, and of much poorer quality.

    After a distance of 15,000 to 20,000 km, the brake pads will wear out and become ineffective when braking, easily causing accidents during use, so it also needs to be checked and replaced.

    6. Belts, sprockets, chains: belts should be cleaned periodically and replaced every 20,000 km.

    Motorcycle belts are a spare part of motorbikes such as manual cars and scooters. Often called belts, they are black and made from rubber, used with vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, etc. Besides, belts are also used in industries. industry.

    5 motorbike parts that must be replaced periodically

    5 motorbike parts that must be replaced periodically

    ➡➡ To keep your car safe and durable, check it periodically at the prescribed time.

    And remember Always wash your car clean Please!

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