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Watch the automatic motorbike washing machine to know who invented it. How does this technology apply to life?

Who is the inventor of the "Made in Vietnam" automatic motorbike wash machine?

Unlike normal motorbike washing, if you want to wash a motorbike with automatic technology, people just need to fix the motorbike in the engine compartment. Then press the button for the machine to automatically wash and after only 3 minutes the motorbike is clean...

Inventor Duong Xuan Thien

The inventor of this "unique" automatic motorbike wash is Mr Duong Xuan Thien, born in 1976. Was a graduate student in metrology at Hanoi University of Technology. Talking to PV Dan Tri , Mr. Thien shared, coming from the thought that our country is a country of motorbikes, but no one has made an automatic motorbike wash, so he wants the motorbike wash job to become professional. and more industrial.


What is the reason to produce automatic motorcycle washing machine?

In 2006, Mr. Thien began to generate ideas and exchange ideas with some friends and colleagues. But it couldn't be done at that time for many reasons, so the idea was still just an idea.

In 2008, Mr. Thien revived this idea with some brothers. But at that time, finance did not allow, so the project could not be implemented.

Test Deployment

By 2011, when the equipment and finances were relatively complete, Mr. Thien started working and released version 1. After the trial run, version 1 revealed some shortcomings. In 2012, Mr. Thien started making version 2, overcoming the disadvantages of version 1. “Due to not much practicality, version 1 when washing the motorbike is not very clean. Only then did I improve and make version 2 like now, there are brushes in the process of washing and cleaning the motorbike, "said Thien.

How does an automatic motorbike wash work?

The principle of operation of the motorbike washing machine consists of 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 foam machine and high pressure water to blow the stains out of the motorbike, the foam covering the motorbike is responsible for removing all the dirt on the motorbike; At the same time, the brushes will clean the wheels, spokes, tires ...
  • Stage 2, the machine will spray the motorbike with water to clean the foam and remaining stains on the motorbike.
  • Stage 3 is the drying stage to remove all the water on the motorbike.


Actual motorbike wash pictures

Time to wash a motorcycle?

Mr. Duong Xuan Thien “The actual time to wash a motorbike is about 3 minutes. Manual motorbike wash takes about 15-20 minutes/motorbike. This will save time for the customer. Wastewater and mud when discharged are collected, so it does not cause unsanitary streets, making the environment more civilized. The cost for each motorbike wash with automatic technology is 15,000 VND / motorbike.

How is customer feedback?

Mr. Do Manh Thang (in Cau Giay - Hanoi), a customer who washes motorbikes with automatic technology, shared: “I find this a very useful technology for everyone. Its features are outstanding such as saving time, the motorbike is very clean and the cost is very reasonable.”

Duong Thi Hong Trinh (in Long Bien - Hanoi) looks at her motorbike that has just been washed by automatic technology, saying: "I find it fast, clean and saves water and labor".

Mr. Thien added that in the near future, his device will be further upgraded water recovery unit for reuse, in order to save water. The water recovery process will have a filter to clean the water, then use it again.

Source: Dan Tri

Update version 6

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